About Us

Midtown Bar & Grill



Welcome to Midtown Bar & Grill, a culinary haven founded in 2013 under the visionary leadership of Tommy Karagiannis. With a rich legacy inherited from his parents, who previously owned West Gray Cafe, Tommy seamlessly transitioned into the realm of Midtown Bar & Grill, infusing over 20 years of his invaluable experience.

At Midtown, we take pride in offering a diverse culinary experience that spans American, Mediterranean, Mexican, and more. Our menu is a fusion of flavors crafted with passion and expertise, ensuring a delightful dining experience for every palate.


Our Event Space

In addition to our delectable cuisine, Midtown Bar & Grill boasts a unique private space upstairs, where we've hosted a variety of events. From lively karaoke nights and side-splitting comedy shows to electrifying live band performances, laid-back happy hour gatherings, and thought-provoking political host events—our venue is a versatile canvas for a wide array of entertainment.

Come join us at Midtown Bar & Grill, where the fusion of flavors meets the spirit of community, all under the stewardship of Tommy Karagiannis.